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Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter which we hope you find of interest.

Change and development is important for business and Addison’s have embraced a number of significant changes recently.

The biggest of the changes has taken place in our Financial Planning division. I do wish to acknowledge and thank firstly Stephen Spillane followed by Stephen Garrett and Michael Hiscock for the tremendous contribution they have made to the development of our financial planning services over the years.

I am delighted to confirm to you that Roy Massey has been appointed as a Director and full time head of our financial planning division. Roy is an outstanding financial planner with almost 20 years experience and will bring a keen focus to the changes and opportunities that may affect and benefit our clients.

Roy lives in Fingal Bay with his wife and two children and has become a familiar face in all our offices since his appointment in January 2015. Look out for Roy’s regular contribution to our newsletter including the attached article on retirement planning.

Another new development for Addison’s is the development of a Human Resources Division which is being energetically led by Debbie Innes. Debbie has contributed an article on employment contracts.

Additionally Debbie has been engaged by clients to assist with managing their employees from recruitment to termination in a variety of industries including Primary Producers, Retail and Wholesale businesses, Professional firms, Medical Practices, Transport Industry and Tradespeople.

Finally, some new legislation has led to Addison’s identifying a number of opportunities for some of our family and business groups. Our accounting teams will look to be contacting the clients we identify that can benefit from a restructuring review.

Again, on behalf of our team, may I thank you for your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

Mark Peper