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Addison Partners commenced operations in 1946 upon Theo Watt's return from World War II.

Without doubt these must have been challenging times, but over a period the World emerged from the challenges of the times and, broadly, we have seen significant prosperity since.

Whilst it won't be possible to assess the full impact of Covid-19 until we, possibly, find a cure it is clearly having a huge impact throughout Australia and the whole World.

First hand we have seen the impacts on our business and the businesses of many of our clients.

We have also seen the personal ongoing impacts on our friends and family and also the communities in which we are involved.

As such, this newsletter focuses on two key areas.

The first being Job Keeper which we believe has been of significant support to many of our clients and many businesses across Australia. Our first article focuses on the proposed changes to Job Keeper 2.0. Please contact us if you need any clarification on any of the matters raised.

Our final article is somewhat different to our normal newsletter content. Whilst acknowledging as accountants, we do not profess any expertise in the area of mental health, we are acutely aware of the importance of it's recognition.

A number of recent media releases have further highlighted the likelihood of the huge mental health impact resulting from Covid-19.

In closing, may we, as usual, thank you for your ongoing support of our firm.

To you, your families and friends and your community, please stay safe.

Mark Peper